24 October - 22 November

If you've currently lost sight of the big picture you are simply focusing on only one aspect of your life over and above everything else. While this means you're outputting some quality work, you're missing the key point. Your mind needs new input, a fresh supply of stimuli to help find tune your vision of what it is you want to do in life and where you want to be in the coming years. Spend a little time each day refining this notion and your decisions will be much easier. Dealing with some banking matter or someone else's money could also be another one of those things you have to focus on now.


23 November - 22 December

Don't go expecting everyone to remember what you've said and vice versa. Under the circumstances it's best to put down in writing what it is you want, particularly if they're in a superior position. You want to avoid war and usually these are borne out of miscommunication. It's time to make some changes in your relationship patterns and the way you communicate ideas to those you love most. This is an extension of the first point and if you're projecting on each other not only will you become stuck but this could make your relationships far more complicated in the coming weeks and months.


23 December - 20 January

This may well be a busy and productive time for you. Time should go fast due to your focus and not being too bothered about watching the clock. This is certainly not a time when you'll be accepting the easy road and neither would you want to. The great thing is that you may be enjoying your work so pump out as much great material as you can. It's not a bad idea to get away from people to collect your thoughts and reappraise the nature of your relationships generally. While you are working hard, you realise the need to re-evaluate your direction and for some, this may have something to do with health.


21 January - 19 February

You have an immense amount of energy and this will be directed to figuring out how to build up your savings and future security. There is also a streak of independence growing within you so this period about freeing your will so that you can do what you want without the permission or intrusion of others. You don't want to be seen as overpowering your superiors or those whom you work and whose egos are as large or larger than your own. Today you may be dealing with people who think they are legends in their own lunchboxes. Two super egos head banging isn't going to solve any problems however.


20 February - 20 March

You have the life skills to be able to leave a situation if you're not comfortable. It's okay to let yourself be a little crazy because it's time for having fun and doing things with a wink and a smile. If there's some minor disappointment at work don't let it detract you from your goals. Socially, you want to help a friend or relative in need but your circumstances may hinder you. The point is that money isn't the only help you can give. Carve out a little time for them and offer them moral support. Budget carefully and you'll be able to offer yourself the 'me-gift' that's been on your wish list.


21 March - 20 April

Your imagination about someone is actually far from the truth even though you're receiving signals supporting this view. Harmony in relationships obviously takes a balancing act but right now you are hindering your chances of doing that by projecting your own thoughts and feelings on the person in question. Your mind is oscillating between the not so distant past and the future and this is because you are apprehensive that you may make the same errors in your life that you have previously. But this is undermining your power so don't look backwards but rather go forward, with trust for a while.


21 April - 21 May

You have an opportunity to improve your romantic prospects but relationships may be on your 'uninterested' list if previous ones haven't gotten off the ground as easily as you'd like. Persistence is necessary but then only after you've been able to clearly qualify those worthy of your love. You have to deal with siblings, relatives or neighbours as you extend your hand in friendship. The may have been periods of time where you just haven't had the space or the inclination to make contact but that's changing now. It's important to bury the hatchet if in the past, you've had some difficulties.


22 May - 21 June

You are receiving premonitions either consciously or even unconsciously e.g. while sleeping or should heed the insights you receive from these. There's a part of you that wants to directly intuit what's going on with the people you deal with on a day-to-day basis. On a practical note, you'll be innovative and have a desire for change and may do something drastic that'll surprise everyone even yourself. By doing so, you'll gain a more respect throughout this transit. It's best to limit excessive displays of emotion and sentimentality which could scare off potential friends or business partners.


22 June - 23 July

It may be quite irritating now however before making a decision you need to take your loved ones into consideration and consult them in some decisions you need to make now. You could feel hamstrung knowing that they need your help and that you are short supply of time. If you choose to bypass their needs you'll realise that it's not exactly a great idea as you'll find yourself caught up in thinking about what you should have done rather than enjoying the moment. It's not a bad idea to tie up any loose ends emotionally before agreeing on any course of action or event that is on the cards right now.


24 July - 23 August

This could be a time where you're prone to repeating some previous mistake and if you haven't yet learned the lesson by all means go the Groundhog Day route. If you're quick enough you can catch yourself out and avoid this issue but this will take psychological probing on your part to see the benefits of circumventing the same situations and people. This involves someone coming back into your life and possibly giving them a second chance, they are more than ready to take advantage of you. Don't feel intimidated by powerful people who may be trying to exert control over you. Avoid psychic vampires.


24 August - 23 September

You had some change of heart regarding a decision but will be treading on eggshells trying to convince others that it's in everyone's best interests to change course. You have to reason this out, plan your words well and try not to be too dominating in the way you do so. It's a good idea not to act upon your immediate instincts as there may be unexpected change in the wings soon. Making more friends at this time also means having to accommodate more people. This could set you up in a web of your own weaving. Perhaps it's better to lay low, let the dust settle and then take things from there.


24 September - 23 October

Someone sending you cryptic messages all of this an undercurrent of feeling that you can't quite put your finger on. If you respond with the same cryptic messages the communication is going to get lost as no translation is occurring either way. Someone has to step up and be the hero in the situation. Why not call a spade a spade and simply ask for answers' Apart from putting your mind at ease this is certainly going to give you a lot more time rather than running around in circles. Offering assistance to a friend or relative who have some inability to do things for themselves is on the cards now.

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