From street brawls to a bottle shop fender-bender, nights out in Roma have proved eventful this year. Here’s 11 nights out that went wrong this year
From street brawls to a bottle shop fender-bender, nights out in Roma have proved eventful this year. Here’s 11 nights out that went wrong this year

11 nights out gone wrong: Roma edition

‘F--- off, this is my house’: Drunk man thinks he’s on his property

A HEAVILY intoxicated man claims he believed he was on his own property when he was confronted by the homeowner who understandably asked him to leave.

Aaron Lee Grachan fronted Roma Magistrates Court on October 29, when he faced a charge of public nuisance over the incident.


No crying like last time’: Cowardly thug assaults cop

A MAN described as a “cowardly thug” by the Magistrate has been sent to prison for 23 months after a verbal argument escalated.

Steven Kapele Daniel, 25 fronted Roma Magistrates Court on October 16, facing charges of public nuisance and obstructing and assaulting a police officer.

He had been at a football banquet on September 20 with his girlfriend, before going to Subway.

Police were called when Daniel was seen yelling loudly and aggressively at his girlfriend outside the shop.


Man’s massive bender ends after nurse calls police

A MAN’S three-day bender ended after he drove himself to hospital for an alcohol-related injury and a concerned nurse rang police.

Lance Matthew Perrin, 39, fronted Roma Magistrates Court on October 3 for a charge of drinking while under the influence.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Heather Whiting told the court a nurse at the Roma Hospital called police stating she had overheard Perrin who appeared heavily intoxicated tell someone “that he was going back to his car to drink more and smoke a pipe.”


Drunk L-plater steals dad’s car and blows three times over

A LEARNER driver paid a hefty price for driving his father’s car without permission while intoxicated.

Darby Frederick Matthew Perrin, 18, faced Roma Magistrates Court on September 24, pleading guilty to charges of drink driving on a learner’s permit.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Heather Whiting told the court police arrived to an address on McDowall St on August 4 at 3pm on another matter, where they observed Perrin to be intoxicated.

Perrin told police he had been drinking moonshine all day and took his father’s car without his knowledge and drove to his mother’s house where they got into a verbal argument.

After being breathalysed, he returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.164 and told police he knew he’d be above the limit, and was aware he needed to be with another driver.

Magistrate Blanch fined him $1000 and disqualified him from driving for eight months.

Drink driver caught twice by police within hours

MITCHELL Lawrence Rule pleaded guilty to two charges of mid-range drink driving at the Roma Magistrates Court on June 26, after being caught by police at a drive through bottle shop and than again not even two hours later.


Driver four times legal limit hits two cars in bottle shop

THINGS went from bad to worse when a motorist drove the wrong way into a drive-through bottle shop while four times the legal alcohol limit.

Keith Wightman appeared in Roma Magistrates Court on June 26, and pleaded guilty to three charges including driving without a licence, driving under the influence and driving without due care and attention.


Father of 6 given suspended sentence for pub brawling

A FATHER of six who moved to Roma two years ago for a “fresh start” is now on the knife-edge of being jailed for brawling at a pub.

Matthew Higgins, 36, who is the sole carer for his six children, was on a “rare night out” when he became involved in an argument at the Commonwealth Hotel on February 2, Roma Magistrates Court was told on June 26.


Pub brawl after woman clashes patrons heads together

CELEBRATIONS quickly turned nasty for a young woman who “thought it would be funny” to clash together the heads of two unsuspecting pub patrons.

Jaquita Cherae Brotherton fronted Roma Magistrates Court on August 7, for drunkenly instigating a pub brawl on May 17.


COURT: Soldier deformed victim’s face with pool cue

ONE MAN has evaded jail time for smashing a pool cue over another man’s face, which left the victim with a broken jaw, and titanium plates to avoid permanent deformity.

In May, Daniel Diacostergou, 38, pleaded guilty in Roma District Court to one count of grievous bodily harm after assaulting a man at the Royal on Ninety-Nine on August 3, 2018.

The court heard Diacostergou had been patronised by the complainant for several hours during the night.


Man without valid licence since 2000 blows 4x limit

THE last time this Roma father had a licence Britney Spears’ Oops! … I did it again was topping the charts, Nikki Webster was performing at the Sydney Olympics, Jen and Brad were still together and people were still playing snake on their Nokia 3310s.

Matthew Colin Higgins fronted Roma Magistrates Court on November 26, facing one charge of driving under the influence and one charge of driving without a license as a repeat offender.


P-plater, still drunk from night out, crashes car

AFTER crashing his car near Wallumbilla, Thomas Patch walked towards town before he was picked up by a passing truck driver and dropped home.

The 19-year-old father to one, who was on a provisional license, crashed his car at about 6am on August 11, 3km west of town, Roma Magistrates Court heard on November 26.