SHOWCASING ROMA: Brisbane artists Josh Wilkinson, Sam Wilkinson and Xana Denruyter are   painting a mural   outside Bassett Park.
SHOWCASING ROMA: Brisbane artists Josh Wilkinson, Sam Wilkinson and Xana Denruyter are painting a mural outside Bassett Park. Molly Hancock

A splash of colour for Roma

YOUR regular drive to Roma Airport will soon be a whirl of colour, as you pass by Bassett Park.

Three artists from Brisbane are currently painting the 100m wall on the outside of Bassett Park with images representing the Maranoa region.

Visit Roma has partnered with Maranoa Regional Council, Senex, Origin and Santos to facilitate the mural with artists Sam and Josh Wilkinson and Xana Denruyter.

The mural is further supported through the Regional Arts Development Fund, which is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Maranoa Regional Council to supportlocal arts and culture in regional Queensland.

"In the mural we have incorporated some rock art to include the Aboriginal aspect of the town and we will include some stencils of hands and then in the back we have the view from Carnarvon Gorge,” Sam said.

"We then have a zamia plant, which is local plant that grows in the region, and then we have a landscape shot and an oil and gas rig up the other end.

"The whole purpose of the mural is to be a sunrise through to the day and finish with a sunset so when people drive along they can go from the sunrise to the sunset,” he said.

Bassett Park Advisory Committee chairman and Maranoa councillor Cameron O'Neil said the council was thrilled to getthis project off the ground.

"When I first started on the Bassett Park Advisory Committee some six years ago this was one of the first projects noted and here we are today with it coming to fruition,” he said.

"Council's contribution with Visit Roma, Santos, Origin and Senex has allowed this to come to life and it's just another step of the overall Bassett Park master plan and I hope it's another way we can show the attractiveness of our town and showcase our region,” he said.

Councillor Puddy Chandler added that the mural was a valuable asset to the tourism sector of the Maranoa.

"Every town needs to havean iconic photo opportunity and this provides a great chance for photos and is also a fantastic welcome and farewell to town,” she said.

"It will certainly attract a lot of attention.”

Artists Sam and Xana began painting full-time together a year ago and they are best known for their murals using patterns.

The two aim to have the mural finished by Sunday and hope it will draw people's eyes.

"I hope this mural bringsa smile to everyone's faces as they pass it and itbrings them a sense of pride to be from Roma,” Samsaid.

"We also hope that the mural becomes a photo opportunity, especially whenthe races are on,” Xana said.