CANCER FREE: Addie Clay's cancer free Celebration at the Tara Showgrounds, August 1. Pic: Peta McEachern
CANCER FREE: Addie Clay's cancer free Celebration at the Tara Showgrounds, August 1. Pic: Peta McEachern

Olympic medallist’s visited Tara for a very special event

IT'S not every day the Western Downs town of Tara has Australian sporting royalty visit, it takes something or someone special - and Addie Clay's cancer free celebration (#fighlikeaddie shirt party) was just the ticket.

Former Australian softball player and four-time Olympian medallist Melanie Roche said she got to know Addie through the Play for a Cure Foundation - a non-for-profit charity which raises funds towards cancer research.

"Stacy and I are ambassadors of Play for a Cure... so we've gotten to know Addie quite well, and finding out about this beautiful celebration for her being cancer, we had to come," Ms Roche said.

"She's been through such a rough run and she's just a fantastic kid, so spirited.

"It's something we love doing and supporting, and not just being a part of Play for a Cure Foundation, it's also a big part of the softball community."

Captain of the Australian women's national softball team and two-time Olympian medallist Stacy Porter was meant to compete in the Japan Olympics, although with COVID-19 travel restrictions getting in the way, the sporting legend was given the opportunity to head west to Tara in support of Addie.

"We thought it would be great to come out and meet all these guys," Ms Porter said.

"It's so fantastic that Addie has beaten cancer, so we thought we'd come out to support her, and check out Tara which is a cute little town.

"We'll have to come back I think, we're having too much fun."

Addie's former softball coach, and the founder of Play for a Cure Leigh Martin said she has been a long supporter of Addie, being her first softball coach.

"I think it's important to come out here today because it's a remote community, and for softball especially, the chance to bring out my good friends (Stacy and Melanie) was great, we were at Addie's softball trials yesterday and all the kids were ecstatic to have legends there," she said.

"It's nice to be here and to support the family and maybe even help grow the game of softball."

The #fightlikeaddie shirts, Ms Martin said were made by Arting and Crafting, and raised over $1,000 towards supporting Addie's family.