The court heard that the defendant had overdosed on prescription drugs at the time of confession.
The court heard that the defendant had overdosed on prescription drugs at the time of confession.

Alleged rapist denied bail

A MAN who has been charged with one count of indecent treatment of children under 16 and three charges of rape was denied bail in the Roma Magistrates Court.

The alleged offender appeared on Wednesday, February 5 after he was previously refused bail on November 27 and has since been in custody for 71-days.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Heather Whiting told the court that it was likely the alleged offender was going to plead guilty to all four charges but has since decided otherwise.

“There has been a number of researches done and documents to show that when these offences allegedly occurred, it wasn’t possible that they could have occurred,” the prosecutor said.

The court heard a telephone call between the man and the alleged victim complainant included a confession to the alleged offences.

However, the court heard when officers arrivedto arrest the man he had overdosed on prescription drugs and was not in a lucid enough state to be interviewed.

The defendant’s doctor said he was concerned about the mental health of his patient after being behind bars for so long and said he could only be treated successfully out of custody.

The court was told that the defendant apparently cannot remember appearing in court previously.

Magistrate Saggers was not convinced to grant the defendent bail based on mental health issues.

“I’m not sure about these mental health issues because the prison is well-equipped with visiting psychiatrists and treatment is provided for people with mental health difficulties.”

“With respect to your application of bail, it was refused in this court on November 27, and with the material I have in front of me, it’s alleged there’s a telephone conversation between you and the complaint where you made a confession to the charges which can be part of a strong case for the Crown, whether they’re reliable confessions that will be up to the district court,” Magistrate Saggers said.

The application for bail was denied and the alleged offender will appear in the Roma Magistrates Court on March 3.