LADIES MAN: Jesse, pictured with his foster mum Diane Ayers, is looking for his forever home.
LADIES MAN: Jesse, pictured with his foster mum Diane Ayers, is looking for his forever home. Molly Hancock

Are you Jesse's girl?

ARE you looking for the man of your dreams who will spoil you and shower you in love? Well Karma's Place Rescue has the man for you.

Jesse the five-year-old shih tzu mix is a true ladies man.

Described as a devoted gentleman and the "most loving little man you could possibly wish for,” Jesse is however a male's worst nightmare.

It has been made clear by Karma's Place Rescue and Jesse's current foster mum, Diane Ayers, that he despises men and will not tolerate them in any way, shape or form.

"We have tried. Good lord, have we tried, but even when Jesse lures the resident male into the home into a false sense of security for a couple of weeks, he strikes when it is least expected,” Karma's Place Rescue said in its ad for Jesse.

"Make no mistake, Jesse will bite, and he will go out of his way to bite any male he encounters, and he will bite hard.

"Be it a hand extended in friendship or a sneaky ankle grab when it is least expected, Jesse will succeed in bringing tears to a grown man's eyes.”

Jesse's foster mum Diane said when she first picked him up he bit her, but after that he was her best friend.

"I make a joke of it and say he has to taste you first,” she said.

"Jesse's owners were believed to have suffered from dementia and they were found wandering the street and by the time they got them into care and contacted the family, he had been in the home by himself for six days.

"He has to go with a lady and he really attaches himself, but at home if my husband moves Jesse growls and barks at him.”

Jesse is looking for his forever home.
BE MINE: Jesse is looking for his forever home. Molly Hancock

If you manage to win over Jesse's heart and become the woman of his dreams he will be more than obliged to keep you warm at night and be a constant companion.

"With Jesse in your life, you really won't need a man and if you commit to this special guy, you won't have the option to have one anyway,” the ad reads.

"Just think, when your family tries to set you up on blind dates with a guy, you can use your dog as an excuse not to go.

"You have a valid excuse not to have people over and you get to have a 'bloke' who will never let you down.”

Diane hopes she can help Jesse find his forever home, preferably with a single woman who doesn't have men coming and going from the house.

Are you the woman that Jesse has been searching for? To apply, visit the website and fill in the online adoption enquiry form.

Jesse's details:

  • Location: Kingaroy
  • Age: 5
  • Adoption fee: $495
  • desexed
  • vaccinated
  • wormed
  • heart-worm treatment