The Royal on Ninety Nine could seat up to 100 patrons at a time from Friday, under the second phase of easing coronavirus restrictions.
The Royal on Ninety Nine could seat up to 100 patrons at a time from Friday, under the second phase of easing coronavirus restrictions.

‘Back to 60 per cent’: further easing great for our pubs

FROM Friday, Justin Garvie expects the beloved Royal on Ninety Nine to be back to sixty per cent of it’s pre-coronavirus trading.

While he and his staff were geared up for further easing of restrictions to kick off on June 12, he’s ecstatic he’ll soon be able to have up to 100 people at a time in the pub.

Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk made the announcement yesterday that stage two of easing restrictions would come into play from 12pm Monday, June 1.

At pubs like the Royal, twenty people per compartment will be allowed, adding up to 100 at a time.

While there are still many kinks to iron out, Mr Garvie is positive it’s a step in the right direction for his staff and patrons.

“We are still working through the rules, we can’t be bar service, drinks have to be brought over,” Mr Garvie said.

“But they have relaxed the rules about drinking and eating, they were kind of sneaky in how they cleared that up but you can come for a drink without eating.

“It’s been a battle. These things are being released, but then as they work through it there are changes happening all the time.”

Mr Garvie said the last few weeks had been tough to manage since the first round of easing restrictions came into play.

“We’ve upset some people, there are some who aren’t happy with their details being taken but that’s the law, we can’t get around it,” he said.

“It’s been great to have people back in the pub. But it’s still not normal.

“Hopefully from Friday we will be back to 60 per cent of what we were doing before shut down.”

Charlie Eames from Roma Central Motel said since the announcement they received a dozen inquiries and bookings.

“We’ve been used to getting cancellations so it’s great to get some bookings – mostly for the upcoming school holidays,” Mr Eames said.

He said he has recently looked at industry surveys and from feedback that most holiday goers will travel around 500-600km.

“That’s good news for the Maranoa as we’re an easy half-day drive from Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast,” he said.

“Those willing to travel that distance think if something does happen, at least they can head back home.

“The taskforce and our work with council will ensure we target that market – those wanting to get in their car and drive this way and stay at hotels and cabins a long the way.

“But we want to see the caravans too – bums on beds is always helpful.”

Snap Fitness was also caught off guard by the sudden announcement, but gym goers will have to wait a few more days until their swipe cards allow them back in the gym.

“We’re hoping to open some time later this week, and there are still a lot of restrictions around it,” Mr Garvie said.

“We have the green light, but we’re still waiting on the government’s COVID safety plan for what we can and can’t do.

“We’re working hard to make sure everything is clean and ready … we want to make sure members and staff have full safety.”

For the moment, Giri Kumar’s outdoor bootcamps will continue, with group fitness expected to move inside, hopefully by the end of the week.

Ms Palazczuk’s announcement also means Queenslanders will be able to travel any where within the state.