Roma Cup 2019.
Roma Cup 2019.

Biggest year yet: 7000+ through Bassett Park gates

WHILE the final count is still to reach the finish line, all bets suggest this year's instalment of the Roma Cup was the biggest on record.

Roma Turf Club president Brett Ashney said his guesstimate was more than 7,500 had passed through the Bassett Park gates on Saturday, up from the 6,300 last year.

A must-do event on the country racing calendar, Roma Cup has quickly attracted momentum from punters across the state, and further afield, and it's a big boost to a region struggling with the ongoing drought.

"The numbers really exceeded our expectations, just because it is so dry," Mr Ashney said.

"It's a good time for everyone who comes, and especially for those people that are especially affected by the dry, it's nice to get away for a day and just to enjoy themselves.

"The event seems to be getting bigger and better every year, there's an energy out there at Roma Cup that's jut so lovely to be a part of, it's really come into it's own and I think it will continue to gain momentum."

Mr Ashney said he had been impressed to speak to punters from as far afield as Manchester, UK, with visitors coming from throughout Queensland and New South Wales to join the party.

"They really do a lot of good for our town as well," he said.

For Roma police, racegoers at this year's event were better behaved than their predecessors, with most trouble caused by out-of-towners.

Sergeant Cian Jacobs said having reinforcements from Bundaberg, Maryborough, Toowoomba and Charleville had enabled a greater presence.

In total, more than 100 traffic infringements, mostly speeding, were issued over the weekend. Nine people were done for drink driving, while ten were charged with driving with drugs in their system.

"Usually we would have a lot more people register positive results on the Sunday after the races, so it was really great to see those numbers down this year," Sgt Jacobs said.

"The Turf Club was very proactive in providing breakfast on Sunday morning and having breathalysers on hand.

"And in actual fact the worst reading we had was a 45-year-old man on Saturday morning, but he was not associated with the races."

In addition, there were a number of public nuisance and common assault charges laid over the weekend.

"In terms of instances out at the racecourse, the guys who worked the night shift said there had been nothing really to report after twilight," he said.

"A lot of the charges we laid were against out-of-towners, so it was great to see Roma locals behave themselves."