Fire at Mitchell Dump.
Fire at Mitchell Dump.

Exclusion zone in place as Mitchell tip up in flames

AN EXCLUSION zone surrounds Mitchell, with the town's dump on fire.

A pile of tyres caught alight at the refuse centre early Monday afternoon.

Local crews are expected to be boosted by crews from as far as Charleville, with flames "as high as the trees".

Local Senior Sergeant Adam Robertson said the whole tip was on fire.

"You can see the flames, they're as high as the trees."

Fire crews are already on scene at Mitchell-St George Rd, after a call to emergency services at 1.55pm, according to a Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokeswoman.

"Another two crews look to be on their way," she said.

"It looks like a pile of tyres are well alight."

An exclusion zone is in place back to Mitchell St and Gaeorger Road.

"The community should be aware of the smoke hazard in town," a QPS spokeswoman said.

"Stay inside, and be aware of smoke in the area."

Snr Sgt Robertson said they were expecting crews from as far as Charleville to arrive on scene to help extinguish the blaze.