Made by man and mother nature
Made by man and mother nature

Charleville police seize cannabis seeds in drug raid

When police raided a young Charleville man’s home, officers arrested three people after locating cannabis seeds, cannabis and a glass bong.

Jonathon David Charles and two other adults were detained after Charleville police found drugs and drug related items at his home on Walter St at 2.30pm on December 10, 2020.

“During the search, police located a clipsal bag with three cannabis seeds in a cabinet, they located a bowl with less than one gram of cannabis and in the bedroom, they located a glass bong,” police prosecutor sergeant Caroline Boodnioff told the court.

“The defendant made admissions to those items … he denied using the seeds to grow cannabis, just said it was for personal use.”

Charles represented himself in court on January 11 and pleaded guilty to possessing utensils and possessing dangerous drugs.

Magistrate Peter Saggers said the defendant has previously been granted a conviction not recorded with a 2017 matter, so he would be recording this offence on Charles’ criminal history.

Charles was fined $450 for both offences and the drug items were forfeited.

The conviction was recorded.