HAVING A BALL: Alan and Lyn Durre travelled from Brisbane to attend the Cobb & Co ball on Saturday night.
HAVING A BALL: Alan and Lyn Durre travelled from Brisbane to attend the Cobb & Co ball on Saturday night. Lucy Rutherford

Cobb & Co Ball was in full swing

FOR Alan and Lyn Durre, travelling five hours to Yuleba was a small price to pay if it meant they could do what they love

The husband-and-wife and others from their dancing group in Brisbane jumped at the chance to attend the Cobb & Co Ball on Saturday night, where traditional dances including gypsy tap, swing waltz, barn dance, pride of Erin and many more were in full swing.

"We mainly dance around Brisbane, Ispwich and Toowoomba but when there's a special event like this going on, we're definitely happy to travel a bit further,” Mrs Durre said.

"I've always loved dancing, I used to dance a long time ago and now that we're retired, we have the time to pick it back up again.

"It's good exercise and keeps your brain going, and I love dressing up.”

On its 95th anniversary, the main street of Yuleba and the Yuleba Memorial Hall were transformed for the Cobb & Co Festival opening on Saturday night, which celebrates the last Cobb & Co Coach run in Australia.

Organiser, Beryl Masson says two years of planning and successful funding for the festival meant for the first time they were able to celebrate it over two weekends.

"This year we decided to kick off with the ball and dinner in Yuleba and then have the trail rides the following weekend in Surat,” she said.

"It's not only a better economy boost for the small towns, but gives grey nomads and travellers more opportunities to come out and join in the celebrations.”

Event coordinator Rhonda Toms-Morgan said that in the midst of a tough drought season, the Cobb & Co festival held every five years puts the small towns of Yuleba and Surat in good spirits.

"Its for the community, that's why we do this. It's about putting Yuleba and Surat on the map and creating an event that everyone can enjoy,” she said.

"It's an event that caters to different interest groups by bringing an old tradition back to life and giving them the chance to do something they love.”

The Cobb & Co closing celebrations will be held next weekend in Surat, where the public will have the opportunity to be a passenger on the historic Cobb & Co Coach on a re-enactment drive.