Roma Saleyards new facility.
Roma Saleyards new facility.

How you can decide the Roma Saleyards' new name

IN AN effort to maximimise the tourism pulling power of the Roma Saleyards Interpretive Centre, the council has voted for the public to decide on a new name.

The suggestion for a shorter and more meaningful name for the Roma Saleyards Interpretive Centre was initially made at a Concept and Design Temporary Advisory Committee meeting before it was raised at the Maranoa council's first meeting of 2020 last Friday.

Councillor Puddy Chandler said the current name of the $8.61 million project could confuse tourists and may not sound appealling enough to entice visitors.

"Because it's a tourist product, it needs to be something in line more with a tourism name, rather than a long interpretive name," Cr Chandler said.

"Hopefully it will catch people's eye. And it will be something good to have in literature about tourism in the Maranoa."

Guests to the Interpretive Centre will be able to explore the various aspects of the supply chain from the producer through to the modern livestock trucking industry.

The new facility includes an administration centre, amenities, canteen and Interpretive Centre, new stud stock selling arena and upgraded parking facilities.

Cr Chandler suggested the grand opening of the facility was an opportunity to re-brand.

"The suggestion was made by the tourism team that the name be a public suggestion via the Maranoa Facebook page," she said.

"We will seek the community's input, but council will ultimately decide on the name."

According to the council's agenda report, the Saleyards volunteer tour guides were approached and provided the following suggestions - The Bull Yarn, Cattle Corner, The Bush Paddock.

All council members agreed for a new name to be explored via social media. A report will be finalised then the community will be asked for their input.

The report stated popular Roma business Bakeroma was also named by public vote.