Maranoa Regional Council. Photo: Lachlan Berlin
Maranoa Regional Council. Photo: Lachlan Berlin

Council discuss new ways to notify of births/deaths/marriages

Residents have raised concerns to Maranoa Regional Council about the loss of birth, death and marriage notices since the closure of the Western Star print product in town last year.

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Maranoa Regional councillor Cameron O’Neil tabled at the February 24 council meeting in Roma for a report to be prepared for an upcoming council meeting with a costing of these notices to be included in future editions of a local newsletter, along with other suggestions on how council may be able to circulate notices across the Maranoa community.

“I’ve tabled this today because we have, over the last six or so months, had a void in the community in sharing these notices with our residents,” Cr O’Neil said.

“And it was a conversation with a senior member of the community who himself noticed that this is a real void and a lot of his friends had also been noticing this.

“I thought the best thing to do would be table this to council and see whether there should be a fund so we see regular birth, death and marriage notices …”

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A suggestion by Cr Wendy Taylor was to have the notices read out on radio at 9am.

“Not sure if this would be too expensive,” Cr Taylor asked.

Mayor Tyson Golder added that it would be beneficial to utilise the notice board on the main street and allow people to place notices when they wanted to.

Councillor O’Neil suggested that council remove the glass panel from the notice board to allow residents to place notices.

All nine councillors supported Cr O’Neil’s motion to have a report brought back to council at a future meeting with costings to include birth, death and marriage notices.

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