CRIME WAVE: Heat map reveals where thieves are striking in Roma

A crime wave has hit Roma with thieves striking almost a dozen homes in just a few days and a Queensland Police heat map reveals where has been hardest hit.

The Queensland Police Service online crime map shows 11 homes across Powell St, Hoffman St, McDowall St, Currey St, Charles St and Wheeler Dr were allegedly targeted between Monday, January 11 and Sunday, January 17.

Six unlawful entries, four ‘other thefts’ and one trespassing and vagrancy were reported to police.

The map states five of those offences occurred on Thursday, January 14 between 10pm and 6am the following day.

Queensland Police Service online crime map.
Queensland Police Service online crime map.

Roma Police told The Western Star on Friday, January 15, there has been three break and enters and four attempted burglaries the previous evening.

A woman residing at a Powell St residence told police she woke up at 12.30am and saw someone walking out her front door.

Offender/s allegedly stole her handbag, car keys and cigarettes.

On Hoffman St, an elderly couple in their seventies disturbed intruders who allegedly attempted to force their way into their home at 2am this morning.

Police said nothing was stolen.

On Currey St, a wallet and cigarettes were allegedly stolen from a 22-year-old male at 4am.

Offender/s allegedly broke the front door handle and forced their way inside.

The young male woke up about 4am to notice his front door was damaged and property stolen.

A couple in their 20s reported their car keys missing from their Wheeler Drive home, then noticed their car was unlocked and their spare car keys stolen.

Another resident along the Wheeler Drive also reported their car was broken into but nothing was stolen on the same street.

And an elderly male allegedly saw two suspects inside his home about 1.45am before they ran off.