CRIME WRAP: Man allegedly runs off with beer without paying

Not-so-free beer

A MAN has allegedly run off with a carton of alcohol without paying for it at a Roma bottle shop.

It is alleged that he walked into a drive-through bottle shop and allegedly stole a carton of beer and ran away without paying at 4.45pm on November 22.

Sergeant Shane Ferry said, “Police are investigating and also need assistance from anybody who has information in relation to this matter.”

High ride

A PERSON driving through Roma has earned themselves a court date after allegedly driving with drugs in their system.

A Toyota Landcruiser was pulled over on Northern Road and the 38-year-old male driver was given a saliva test on November 21, according to Roma Police sergeant Shane Ferry.

Sergeant Ferry said the test was positive to a dangerous drug and the driver was slapped with a notice to appear in court.