CLOSE ENOUGH: Which Roma-based resources sector worker is throwing the golf rule book out when it comes to putting?
CLOSE ENOUGH: Which Roma-based resources sector worker is throwing the golf rule book out when it comes to putting? Contributed

Double header a treat for golfers

GOLF: Mild playing conditions swept across Roma's Golf green on the weekend as players were treated to two exciting days of action.

Saturday's single stab teed off without a hitch as club veterans Dean Purssell and Steve Outen proved they knew the course best and began to stretch away from the pack.

It was all laughter and hands-on-head drama as the two continued their tip-for-tap game style as each failed to edge away from the other.

On one hole Outen landed an important putt but then on the next Purssell against all odds would find the green and edge his nose back in front.

The match was anyone's game and at times looked like Steve or Purssell was on the verge of breaking away but in the end it was Purssell that held on to take out the win with 41 points to Outen's 40.

Nearest to the pins for Saturday's match went to Phil Coleman on hole 2, Steve Outen on hole 9, Ryan Carter on hole 10 and Craig Nebe on 17.

On Sunday golfers assembled for the Neville Clohessy Memorial and again were treated to almost perfect conditions to finish a busy weekend.

Sam Thrupp, a tour de force in previous weeks, was the clear favourite and he instantly became the man to watch.

Some clever putting, great accuracy, and the ability to curve around the shrubbery to find the green, were qualities too tough to contend with and allowed Thrupp to take out first place with 68 points.

The men's net went to Ken Kiehne in a well deserved performance while Matt Lambert had a late surge to come in second..

The ladies competition was a different story and spectators were treated to a classic arm wrestle match between Nolea Clohessy and Pat Gordon.

Gordon found the form when it was required and a missed putting opportunity allowed her to stay in the lead.

At the conclusion of the day's golf Gordon held off Clohessy to finish in first on 73 points while Clohessy came in with a very respectable 74 in second place.

Shot of the week went to a very special performance by Mark Russell on Thursday's Sporters golf match. Russell managed to land his ball on the actual flag from range to land a hole in one and was a treat for spectators looking on in amazement.