NO SHOW: Annette Laurie didn't appear to face her charges in the Roma Magistrates Court on Tuesday.
NO SHOW: Annette Laurie didn't appear to face her charges in the Roma Magistrates Court on Tuesday. contributed

Drink driver caught twice by police within hours

MITCHELL Lawerance Rule pleaded guilty to two charges of mid-range drink driving at the Roma Magistrates Court on Tuesday, after being caught by police at a drive through bottle shop and than again not even two hours later.

Rule's defence lawyer said after consuming a six-pack of heavy beer at a party, he got into a fight with one of the partygoers resulting in a black eye and busted blood vessel and after threats of damage to his car, Rule decided to risk being over the limit and drive home.

While driving, he was intercepted by police at the drive through bottle shop next to the Commonwealth Hotel for a random breath test.

On May 11 at 11.25pm the 21-year-old driver was breathalysed by Roma Police on Bowen St where he blew a blood alcohol reading of 0.119.

He was taken to the police station where he was issued with a notice of suspension and disqualified from driving.

The court heard that after police offered to give Rule a ride home, he requested that they drive him back to his car so he could collect some personal belongings.

He then refused a second lift back to his house stating he wanted to walk home to reflect on his actions.

The Commonwealth Hotel rang police to alert them that they had seen Rule get into his vehicle and drive off with no lights on.

The police intercepted him again in the drivers seat on Raglan St at 12.40am where he blew a second blood alcohol reading of 0.117.

Magistrate Stark sentenced Rule and disqualified his licence for two years and eight months with a probation period of 15 months where Rule must report to a correctional services officer and attend counselling.

"You have been quite foolish in your choices,” Judge Stark said.

"You're running out of mistakes before you go to jail.

"There will be a term of imprisonment if you're ever caught drink driving again,” he said.

Rule was also fined $541 for a previous charge of not wearing a seatbelt and having a cracked windscreen when police intercepted his vehicle leaving a McDonald's drive through on Bowen Street on March 15.