Jason Jeremy Duncan was jailed after he attempted to break free of police custody.
Jason Jeremy Duncan was jailed after he attempted to break free of police custody.

Armed robber's escape from custody ends in more jail time

WHEN police knocked on Jason Jeremy Duncan's door to serve a return to prison warrant, he should have surrendered peacefully.

Instead the 25-year-old man bolted and while initially successful, those brief moments of freedom added months to his prison sentence.

The Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard on July 10 that police went to Duncan's temporary St George address to return him to prison about one month after he was paroled from a two-year jail sentence for armed robbery.

Police prosecutor Leea Trewin said the officers found Duncan hiding under a mattress in the backyard, on May 20.

"One of the officers took hold of the defendant's arm, but he broke free," she said.

The court heard Duncan jumped the back fence and hid in the bushes of the neighbouring Jacaranda Motel.

Police located Duncan whereupon he charged at the officers, knocking one over.

Snr Const Trewin said police doused Duncan with pepper spray, cuffed him and took him to watch house.


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While in custody Duncan complained that the handcuffs hurt his wrists so the officers took him to the St George Hospital for a check-up.

Despite doctors finding no signs of bruising the officers loosened Duncan's handcuffs.

"While being escorted back to the police vehicle he slipped his cuffs and ran through the hospital," Snr Const Trewin said.

"He gained some ground before police apprehended him."

Duncan pleaded guilty to unlawful entry, wilfully obstruction of police, attempted to escape from lawful custody and a minor drug charge.

Magistrate Graham Lee ordered a head sentence of six months jail.

"This was a calculated attempt to escape custody," he said.

Duncan was returned to prison to serve the rest of his jail term for robbery.

Noting this, Mr Lee suspended the new jail sentence until the end of that term, on March 19, 2022.

Duncan had spent 51 days in pre-sentence custody.