Family argument escalates to brawl between two women

AN ARGUMENT outside an establishment escalated after a young woman was arrested by police for retaliating against another woman.

Malina Kathleen Lake, 20, fronted Roma Magistrates Court on Wednesday, facing a charge of committing public nuisance within or in the vicinity of a licensed premises.

On September 21 at 11.20pm, police were doing patrols on McDowall St when they were flagged down by some patrons outside the Queen's Arms Hotel.

Police arrived to the scene where there was a big group of people gathered around two women at the centre of it.

The court heard Lake threw three haymaker punches at the other woman, before police officers broke up the fight and arrested her, while Lake continued to hurl abuse at the woman

Lake's lawyer told the court that she had got into a family argument and had been struck by the other woman and was retaliating when the police arrived.

The court heard Lake had moved from Brisbane to Roma to be with her partner and had no prior criminal history.

She pleaded guilty to the charge.

Magistrate Blanch fined her $300 with no convictions recorded.