Rainfall forecast for Wednesday, October 30.
Rainfall forecast for Wednesday, October 30. Bureau of Meteorology

Finally, there is rain on the way for the West

IT MAY not be enough to break the drought, but the west will finally get some much needed rain this week, with light showers expected as early as this evening.

The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed that isolated showers of up to 50mm are likely for areas just northwest of Charleville, with 10 to 20mm expected for Cunnamulla, Bollon, Quilpie, and Tambo.

"There are a couple of factors in play this week," Bureau of meteorology forecaster Kimba Wong said.

"We have a surface through that is drawing some moisture from the east coast, and further through the state over the next couple of days we also have an amplifying upper through that is going to be moving over parts of central and eastern Queensland over the next few days as well.

"So just the combination of those two factors will start to enhance shower and thunderstorm activity through central Queensland over the next couple of days with rain areas also developing, which is certainly welcome."

Those in the southwest can expect to see clouds building overhead, and spreading around the region from this afternoon, through tomorrow and in to Wednesday.

"In those clouds we will start to see those areas of rain starting to make themselves known through tomorrow, with some possible embedded thunderstorms as well," Ms Wong said.

"In terms of rainfall totals, we are looking at quite widespread falls, probably just a few millimetres for the area.

"But if you do have a slightly heavier shower or thunderstorm roll over, we could see some really healthy rainfall totals... around the 20 to 40mm mark in isolated rainfall totals if a storm does roll over."

In some places, rainfall is forecast to be as high as 50mm on Wednesday, but smaller falls are far more likely according to the Bureau's latest data.

Chances of rain (by mm) on Wednesday, October 30.
Chances of rain (by mm) on Wednesday, October 30. Bureau of Meteorology

At the bureau, they are expecting an 'interesting' few days in the west, in an exciting change from 0mm recordings for the past few months.

"(Places receiving 50mm) will be very isolated, so we are looking at the rainfall totals here, updating them through this afternoon," Ms Wong said.

"But widespread I think a lot of people probably will see maybe up to 10mm, but the isolated totals can be much heavier, especially with storms. 

"I wouldn't expect widespread falls of up to 50mm, but it certainly is possible with a strong storm rolling through."

Flooding is unlikely over the next few days, but there should be enough rain to settle the dust and give the gardens a drink, and early indications of more rain on Sunday in to early next week are so far, looking promising. 

"Looking longer term in to the end of this weekend and early parts of next week, there is looking to be early indicators that we could see a little bit more shower and storm activity around the southern interior as well," Ms Wong said.

"There is still a fair bit of uncertainty in the models at this time, but if people are looking forward to a lot of rain, look forward to the forecast on Sunday and Monday, and keep up to date with that."