HIGHEST ACHIEVMENT: Grace Horn received a grey wolf badge on Saturday at a scout ceremony.
HIGHEST ACHIEVMENT: Grace Horn received a grey wolf badge on Saturday at a scout ceremony. Molly Hancock

First girl scout reaches outstanding milestone

GRACE Horn is the third person in Roma and first girl to receive a grey wolf badge.

A scout and former cub Grace, 11, obtained the highest achievement for a cub after completing a number of tasks in the past 12 months.

Cub scout leader Joe Regan said it took a fair amount of work and commitment for Grace to achieve this award.

"Today's ceremony is to acknowledge and to hand out the grey wolf badge which is the highest that can be obtained by a cub.

"Not a lot of cubs reach this level, so it is a high achievement when someone does reach it,” Mr Regan said.

The grey wolf award is the only cub badge recipients are able to wear on their uniforms while at scouts, other than the link badge.

The grey wolf badge can be worn on their uniform in the position the red pioneer target badge goes, until they achieve that badge and replace it.

Requirements to obtain the award include receiving a gold boomerang, attending at least four outdoor activities in the past year, one being an overnight camp, one being an inter-pack activity, a bush walk of two hours planned and led by the cub and any other outdoor activity.

Other requirements include the cub attending at least two pack councils in the past year, having completed at least four level-two badges, including one from each category, and having completed a special interest badge, developing and presenting a resource for their pack based on the jungle books.

Grace was overwhelmed by the support at the award ceremony.

"It means a lot to be awarded the grey wolf badge and it is pretty special,” she said.

"I enjoy being able to hang out with other people, the team working activities, all the games we play and the skills we learn.”

Mr Regan praised her efforts.

"The scout movement brings kids through as role models and good-quality citizens and nurtures them in an environment that gives them every opportunity,” he said.