A chilly morning at Taylors Plains.
A chilly morning at Taylors Plains. Jessie Chiconi

Frost as western temperatures plummet

RESIDENTS have awoken to another chilly start in the Maranoa, as a high pressure system sweeps up from the south.

Overnight temperatures plunged to a brisk -.7 degrees in the region, causing locals to reach for their coats, mittens and heating controls.

Bureau of meteorology spokesperson Adam Blazak said the cool mornings would continue well into the week.

"There is a large high pressure system pushing cool dry air from South Australia over the state,” Mr Blazak said.

"We're predicting that tomorrow morning will be the coldest day this week, with temperatures hitting -1 degrees. The wind will drop overnight tonight, which will cause the cooler conditions.

"There will be frosts across the Maranoa until Wednesday, with the cold snap prevailing into the weekend.”

Wallumbilla resident Suzanne Deem said the town experienced one of its first frosts this morning.

"I woke up at 6.30am, and immediately switched on the heater,” Ms Deem said.

"When I looked outside, it appeared to be almost misty - and there was frost on the trees and grass.

"Definitely made it hard to get out of bed!”