NEWS BCM 4/3/2011 Generic gas pipeline images . Pic Jeff Camden
NEWS BCM 4/3/2011 Generic gas pipeline images . Pic Jeff Camden

Gas fracking operation to commence in town of Surat

A GAS company is set to commence fracking operations at the town of Surat, after pre-stimulation activities were completed.

Armour Energy awarded a 3-well stimulation program to Condor Energy, mobilising the stimulation near the Myall Creek compression station back in 2019.

Now Armour Energy is set to commence drilling for the Kincora project tomorrow, October 30.

The three well stimulation program is expected to cost $4.7 million and be completed by November 2020.

Armour is predicting it will initially increase daily sales for gas production by approximately four terajoules per day, and potentially reach up to seven.

CEO Brad Lingo said their number one priority is increasing production across the Surat Basin.

“We are incredibly focused on delivering this program and the team has prepared very well to deliver it in a period of significant operational challenges,” he said.

“Armour has a very significant catalogue of similar projects across the Surat Basin and we are very focused on delivering them on time and on budget to deliver increased gas and liquids production, sales and cash flows.”