RAIN DANCE: Sally and Ivan Graham will happily boot scoot if it means the rain will come.
RAIN DANCE: Sally and Ivan Graham will happily boot scoot if it means the rain will come. James Liveris

HEATWAVE: Let there be rain, please

QUEENSLANDERS have sweltered through the hellish heatwave and many will be doing a rain dance as parts of the state have endured the driest start to the year on record.

The Bureau of Meteorology has revealed areas such as Toowoomba, Dalby, Goondiwindi, St George, Roma, Tambo and Gayndah have recorded the driest first two months of the year on record with the lowest amount of rainfall.

Meteorologist Nicholas Shera said there was a "stark contrast” between some areas in the state's north, which recorded above-average rainfall this year, compared to those in the south that had their driest few months yet.

But those locals in the south may hopefully see some respite soon as storm activity is forecast from Thursday to Sunday, with showers providing relief for some areas.

"Some areas will get some good falls probably and others will miss out, it's going to be quite patchy,” Mr Shera said.

Southeast Queensland is expected to record on average a range of 5-20mm of rainfall on Friday and the same again on Saturday.

In Roma, the BoM is predicting 0-5mm with 40 per cent chance of rain on Friday, 4-15mm with 80 per cent chance of rain on Saturday and 0-8mm with 60 per cent chance of rain on Sunday.

Grazier Bruce Graham owns a property 32km northwest of Roma and is very much looking forward to the rain.

"I hope it comes, it would change the whole scenario - grass for cows and all sorts of stuff,” Mr Graham said.

"We do cropping as well so if we get some rain we can plant some oats.

"This is as dry as it has been since I can remember - I've been here my whole life and this would definitely be up there with one of the toughest and driest spells we've seen.”

The good news for Queenslanders is heatwave conditions came to an end on Wednesday, although there will still be above-average temperatures until Saturday.

"It will feel cooler because maximum temperatures will come down but the humidity will stay the same,” Mr Shera said.

The BoM is also monitoring monsoon activity in the northern Coral Sea this weekend but it's too early to tell whether the system will develop further.

"The monsoon trough may strengthen to the north of Australia during the weekend and a tropical low may develop in the monsoon trough over the far northern Coral Sea,” Mr Shera said.

"There is a large uncertainty in regards to its movement and development, we are monitoring it closely.”