RESULTS: Julianne Everson after 10kg weight loss
RESULTS: Julianne Everson after 10kg weight loss

How mum of three shed 10kg and gained confidence in herself

A YEAR has made all the difference for Julianne Everson who didn't want to spend her 40th birthday feeling unfit and unhealthy.

The mother of three started training with Snap fitness personal trainer, Fiona Flanders in June last year when she decided it was time to start focusing on self-care.

Now 10kg lighter, Julianne says while life can get in the way of holding yourself accountable, she was determined to make the necessary changes.

"The hardest thing was to maintain consistency with the pressures of work, three boys, and finding a balance that worked for me," she said.

"There are so many times I thought up some great excuses not to get to the gym for a session, or to have a treat meal that would last over a couple of days."

Mrs Everson said why she did start out with a goal weight in mind, it's now not about the number on the scale but seeing how much her body is changing before her eyes.

"My body has changed so much, and that's the best indication of how hard I've worked," she said.

"Increasing my weights, more stamina for cardio, and fitting into old clothes makes it all worth it.

"I didn't make it to my goal weight, and I'm OK with that because I feel stronger and fitter."

Throughout her journey, Mrs Everson has maintained a healthy eating regime, but learnt it's important not to feel guilty if she indulges every now and then.

"I'm a lot more mindful about what I eat now. I love to have a treat, but try to keep that in moderation. If I overindulge I just get back on plan and don't beat myself up about it," she said.

"Exercise has become something I enjoy now. I still complain through all of my sessions, but once I've finished I feel like I can leave the day behind me and leave with an exhausted smile."

Mrs Everson encourages people on a similar journey to not be afraid to start, and not to compare yourself to others.

"We are all on our own journeys, our progress is different, but consistency will get you to your goals," she said.

"I'm a lot more confident within myself now. I can feel and see the changes in my body, and that's what keeps me going."

If you would like to train with Fiona, contact her on or 0429122950.

Julianne Everson before her weight loss journey.
Julianne Everson before her weight loss journey.