gavel, court, generic
gavel, court, generic

IN COURT: Everyone appearing in Mitchell court

EVERY month a number of people appear in the Mitchell Magistrates Court, on a range of different charges.

Here is a list of everyone who is appearing in front of the Mitchell Magistrates Court tomorrow, December 16.

  • Barber, Edward John George
  • Clare, Melissa Anne, Miss
  • Conlon, Dylan Percy John
  • Denton, Bradley Robert
  • Dunn-Haldane Jamie
  • Farrell, Leigh Cecil
  • Grantham, Leslie Robert Warner
  • Horsburgh, Khloe Leanne
  • Kennedy, Norman John
  • Lasserre-Pascoe, Donnika May
  • Madigan, Anthony Christopher Paul
  • Melksham, Isaak Kent Douglass
  • Mitchell, Kyle Zachary
  • Nixon, Ashley Norman
  • Ramsey, Cheristal Faye
  • Reston, Tyrone Eric
  • Robb, Darryl Gordon
  • Rowe, Rex Edward
  • Russell, Brandon John Harold
  • Thompson, Crystal-Anne Danielle