Jane Fenton and her partner Jayden met in Mitchell,.
Jane Fenton and her partner Jayden met in Mitchell,.

‘Incredible circumstances’ led to love in Mitchell

FATE. That's how Jane Fenton describes her meeting of her partner Jayden 11 years ago.

In 2009, Jane was working with Topdeck in Europe, when she returned home to Mitchell to visit her parents' sheep station.

"This particular trip I visited, and Jayden and I caught each other's eyes. He was the jackaroo at the time," she said.

"I just thought 'there's something about him'. So we went on a couple of dates in January."

By July, they had booked a seven-week trip back to Europe.

"We went all over Europe, and for him to have come from Mitchell and experience all that was incredible," she said.

"He really took on my love of travelling."

After returning back home after their trip, they decided this was a relationship worth pursuing.

"So I gave up travelling, and lucky for me the local council gave me a job as a community development officer in Mitchell," she said.

"I've been there for 11 years now."

Soon after, they bought their first house, and expanded their family with the birth of two children.

"We now have Georgie who is seven, and Marcus who is five. We're pretty lucky and pretty happy," she said.

"But if I hadn't had come home at that particular time, if the London winter hadn't been so bad that year maybe I wouldn't have come home, there's no way we would have crossed paths otherwise.

"The key is to really enjoy seeing each other at the end of the day, to sit down and catch up as partners and as a family.

"It really was incredible circumstances that brought us together, and so random."