Elizabeth McAlister.
Elizabeth McAlister.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Celebrating Charleville health staff

Relocating from the coast to outback Queensland at a young age, Elizabeth McAlister now lives on a property in Charleville and has spent most of working life improving the care of patients at the Charleville Hospital.

From Brisbane, Ms McAlister oversees the general maintenance of the hospital as the senior Operational Services Officers and recently celebrated 35 years in the role at the hospital.

Ms McAlister and her team play a vital role in delivering care to the patients, saying all hands on deck make the hospital run smoothly.

“Whether we are cleaning, cooking, laundry or a kitchenhand, we’re supporting our clinical colleagues to deliver excellent patient care,” Ms McAlister said.

“If we never had our role fulfilled, how could the hospital run, we all work as a team.”

She said she looked up to her mother who installed a valuable work ethnic into her, and other female operational supervisors who have told her to give everything a go and do the best job she can.

“International Women’s Day is a day to acknowledge the importance and achievement of women from all nationalities and remembering and awarding them for their valued contributions to society,” she said.

“Over the years, I’ve seen the progress and acceptance of many valued roles, women now hold and have a diverse and valued contribution … we have more opportunities and a voice to relay our concern.”

After 35 years in the same role, McAlister said it’s important to enjoy your work and try do your best to achieve your career achievements.

“My life career advice would be everything is possible if you set a goal for yourself,” she said.

“Follow good work ethic, be punctual, try to achieve your goal, ask for advice and help if you need and be a team player to create a pleasant and effective work environment.”