Debbie Gilby.
Debbie Gilby.


An astonishing 70 per cent of staff in the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG) are women and our Local Court registrar said it’s important to recognise the females who play a vital role in shaping a workplace that was previously male dominated.

Debbie Gilby, the registrar for the Roma Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts and Mitchell Magistrates Courts believes it’s incredible to reflect on International Women’s Day on March 8 and recognise how many more women attain higher level positions today than ever before.

“It is about recognising all the women in careers who contribute to shaping the workforce where previously it was a male dominated environment,” Mrs Gilby said.

“Women are equally responsible in a position of authority and can have the same qualifications with a different and more reasonable attitude focused on the business.”

According to statistics from the DJAG in December 2020, women hold 54.4 per cent of Senior Officer and Senior Executive roles.

Mrs Gilby believes it’s integral women are in her industry providing a different outlook and skillset to men.

“I think women bring diversity and have a different outlook and different ways of thinking,” she said.

“Many great ideas come from the collaboration of thoughts of multiple members of the community.”

With the focus on women today, Mrs Gilby said a women should never feel inferior or feel they will be overlooked – “we are all equal”.

“Be yourself … follow your dreams and believe that you are capable of every goal you set yourself.”