COUNCIL: Mayor Tyson Golder adresses the Bush Council Conference.
COUNCIL: Mayor Tyson Golder adresses the Bush Council Conference. Alexia Austin

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mayor Tyson Golder on Bush Council

I AM writing in my personal capacity, in relation to attendance at the Bush Councils conference recently hosted in Roma.

This conference was a fantastic opportunity for our region, and I was privileged to attend the event alongside my fellow councillors.

I enjoyed carrying out all of my official mayoral duties at the Bush Councils Conference, which included opening the three-day event.

In the beginning of our term as councillors, we voted to nominate councillors as Portfolio Chairs who would take on certain responsibilities at events, except those specifically relating to mayoral duties as per the Local Government Act.

This meant that at the conference, councillors had more duties than the mayor and were more heavily involved in an official capacity, which increased our community engagement and networking efforts.

Being able to rely on the available Portfolio Chairs to attend the conference in its entirety and relay important information back to myself and other councillors who were not able to attend, meant that no information or insight gained at the conference was overlooked or missed.

It is reassuring to know that I can count on my fellow councillors to communicate key matters.

With this in mind, it is my personal view that the cost of councillors' attendance at conferences throughout the year (which can be up to $2000 per councillor) is a large, unnecessary financial burden on council's budget if all councillors were to attend every conference.

I have the view that I should be minimising costs at every possible opportunity during my time as mayor.

I consider being mayor a huge honour, and I will always carry out mayoral duties diligently and to the best of my ability. But I do always consider the cost to the rate payer and will make my decisions about attending conferences based on these views.

Mayor Tyson Golder