Magistrate launches into tirade at meth driving P-plater

A DRUG driver who didn't learn his lesson the first time, was caught for a second time within months.

Kenny Steven Thurlow, who fronted Roma Magistrates Court last Tuesday, pleaded guilty to two charges of driving while relevant was present in blood or saliva.

Thurlow was intercepted on February 12 at 3.55pm on Bowen St by Roma police, where he returned a positive reading for methamphetamine on a probational C class license. He was intercepted again on April 29 at 11.30am where he admitted to police he had smoked meth two days earlier and, after returning another positive reading, was charged a second time.

"You've had multiple offences in a short period of time, you clearly have a problem," Magistrate Blanch said.

"If you're taking that s--t, don't drive.

"If you're taking that s--t, you're going to die."

Magistrate Blanch convicted Thurlow, disqualified him from driving for nine months for both charges, ordered him to attend a safe driving awareness program, counselling and to report to a correctional officer.