Bruce Shelley sentenced for mid-range drink driving.
Bruce Shelley sentenced for mid-range drink driving.

Magistrate shocked at St George man’s drink driving reading

IT TAKES a lot to shock a magistrate, but a St George man’s breath test did that when he appeared in court this week.

St George Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday that Bruce Norman Shelley was intercepted by St George police at 12.30am on Sunday, October 6, for a random roadside breath test.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court when Shelley was interviewed by police where he admitted to consuming 10 Great Northern full-strength beers before hoping in the car.

The defendant’s lawyer, Andrew Wiseman from Wiseman Lawyers, pleaded with magistrate Tracy Mossop to allow his client to be granted a restricted licence to he could continue working.

“My client will suffer from financial hardship if he loses his licence today,” he said.

Mr Wiseman said his client had undergone the Queensland Traffic Program.

“He has taken a lot in and learnt a lot from the six-hour course,” he said.

“His history is mild in the last decade.”

Magistrate Mossop firmly told Shelley he would have been well aware of the amount of beer he consumed and known he was over the legal limit but took the risk anyway.

“You pleaded guilty just within the mid-range,” she said.

“You would have been well aware of that amount of beer, you were over the limit and you decided to take the risk knowing you were over the limit.

“You’re probably grateful you didn’t go over in the major drink driving range.”

She told the defendant that he would be aware of what is at stake if he made that same decision.

“The reality is you could have lost your job, which is very valuable, especially in regional areas,” she said.

“Of the greatest benefits is you did participate in the program which is both informative for you and expensive.

“Hopefully you have gained something out of it.”

Magistrate Mossop fined Shelley $600 and disqualified him from driving for eight months but provided him with a restricted licence to travel to and from work.

The conviction was not recorded.