Man's massive bender ends after nurse calls police

A MAN'S three-day bender ended after he drove himself to hospital for an alcohol-related injury and a concerned nurse rang police.

Lance Matthew Perrin, 39, fronted Roma Magistrates Court for a charge of drinking while under the influence.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Heather Whiting told the court a nurse at the Roma Hospital called police stating she had overheard Perrin who appeared heavily intoxicated tell someone "that he was going back to his car to drink more and smoke a pipe".

The court heard Perrin was in the front seat of his car listening to music when Roma police pulled up and parked next to him on August 28 at 7.20am.

He told police that he had been drinking at home the night of the incident, and had slipped and hurt his hip and decided to drive himself to hospital to see if he had done any damage.

Police found an open cask of alcohol on the front seat and after breathalysing Perrin, he returned a blood-alcohol reading of 0.222g.

He made admissions to consuming both drugs and alcohol in the days prior.

The defendant's lawyer told the court Perrin had been on a three-day bender, consuming large quantities of moonshine, vodka and wine over the period and hadn't slept at all.

The court also heard hospital staff had attempted to find a vein for a blood test, but were unable to do so, despite Perrin telling them to "jab him in the neck".

The part time yardsman pleaded guilty to the charge of driving while under the influence.

"You could have killed someone that evening, why you got into that car beggars belief," Magistrate Blanch said.

Perrin was fined $1300 and disqualified from driving for 15 months.