DRIED UP: Roma and the Maranoa district is likely to be warmer than average for September and spring.
DRIED UP: Roma and the Maranoa district is likely to be warmer than average for September and spring. Jack Simmons

Maranoa braces for a sweltering September

AS THE Maranoa moves through its driest two months of the year, the future for landowners looks precarious.

Mitchell grazier Nigel Brumpton said all you could do was keep feeding your stock, but with decreasing water levels it was looking deadly.

"It's certainly been one of the tougher winters we've had but we haven't had much joy since 2012,” Mr Brumpton said.

"We're only on 97mm for the year so far, probably one of the lowest rainfalls on record for nine months of the year.”

Mr Brumpton said you could prepare for droughts but to do that you had to have good years in between.

"Normally we get a bit of summer rain to help us through this time but we got none so it makes it a bit tough,” Mr Brumpton said.

"We just have to keep feeding our stock but we've been feeding our livestock for months on end - spending a lot of money on fodder.

"It's the price of commodities that are hurting us, we're on record highs at the moment and that's the biggest struggle.

"We can't expect rain this time of the year, August and September are always our driest months, hopefully we get some decent storms in October.”

Bureau of Meteorology climatologist Tamika Tihema said any rain relief was doubtful.

"There is no rainfall forecast for most of Queensland for the next eight days,” she said.

"For the rest of September, there is a low chance of receiving or exceeding mean rainfall (about 30 per cent chance).

"Roma's average September rainfall is 25mm and the annual average is 575mm.”

Miss Tihema said Maranoa residents should brace for an extra-warm spring.

"Roma and generally the Maranoa district is very likely to be warmer than average for both daytime (maximum) and overnight (minimum) temperatures for September and spring,” she said.

"The average September mean maximum temperature is 26.7 degrees and average mean minimum temperature is 9.3 degrees at Roma.

"The hottest September day recorded at Roma Airport was 40.9 degrees on September 27, 2017.

"That same day Bollon, Cunnamulla, Injune, Charleville, Surat, St George and Mitchell all reported a daily maximum temperature of 40 degrees or more but Roma was the highest.”

A strong cold front and surface trough will track across southern inland Queensland tomorrow and reach the coast on Saturday.