Roma dump 2017
Roma dump 2017 Alexia Austin

Maranoa waste management causes a stink

"If Western Downs can do it and if the Central Highlands can do it, then I ask the question, why can't Maranoa Regional?”

This was one of the questions posed to Maranoa Regional Council by resident Ray Howson on the topic of recycling in the Maranoa.

Mr Howson is one of many concerned on the state of the local waste management strategy in the region.

More than 100 residents attended the economic draft plan meetings, held in November, which provided a platform to raise the issue of rubbish collection and recycling with the councillors.

"The former town council, previous to amalgamation, used to have kerbside collection for glass and aluminium and also business collection for cardboard. But that has been cancelled, as they said it was too expensive,” Mr Howson said, following the meeting.

"I'm not calling for an increase in rates but council should be able to apply an extra $5 or 6 a week to waste recovery and reduce the rates an equivalent amount in other areas.”

Members of the public have also expressed the need for improvements to rubbish truck pick-up systems, implementation of recycling and the issues of flyaway and mounding rubbish at dump sites.

"We should be taking a leaf out of the Western Downs Regional Waste Management Systems. Dalby and Chinchilla and even Miles have an exceptional waste facility with recycling a key component,” resident Cherilyn Bickers said.

Maranoa councillor for environment and waste Geoff McMullen said the council had listened to the residents' concerns and was working towards a more sustainable solution.

"The reason there hasn't been any recycling for some time is due to the cost, the cost to freight it away to a market outweighs the income received at the destination,” he said.

"A decision to change the current budget to allow for recycling would be a decision for council, however for this to happen some other community projects would lose out.

"The council are looking into transfer stations in all the regional towns, Muckadilla has been operating a transfer station for some time and, after covering the Jackson tip, council have just placed two skip bins at the site for a trial period.”

Cr McMullen said plans for the Roma dump were under discussion and suggestions from the economic development meetings would be available on the website shortly.

More updates to follow.