Molly Ferguson at the National water skiing champs.
Molly Ferguson at the National water skiing champs. Aerial Axis Photography

Medal haul for Roma water skiing sisters

April has been a big month so far for the Ferguson sisters.

Molly and Sade Ferguson have returned from the waterskiing national championships in Goondiwindi with a total of six medals - no small feat for two girls growing up in landlocked Roma.

To make the success even sweeter, Molly, who is a current Australian record holder, has been named the captain of the Australian Junior World Championship team, which will compete in Spain in August.

"I received an email saying congratulations, you've been selected as captain, I couldn't believe it, I thought they must have sent it to the wrong person,” Molly laughed.

"Only six people were selected for the team out of a total of 10 and Sade was one of them.”

Molly said her love for the sport started when she was young, passed on to her by her parents.

"My mum and dad were social skiers and they were into bare-footing when we were younger,” she said.

"I was four years old when I first learnt and it was at Glebe weir outside Taroom.

"I remember my first jump. It was a little scary going up the ramp, there was so much noise as at first you're not going fast and you can feel everything. When you go faster, it's too quick to hear it.

"Our property at home used to have a small ski lake which we could practice on but its dried up now.”

Molly said the adrenalin kept her going, with the skiers needing nerves of steel as they perform tricks at up to 55km/h speeds.

"The adrenalin you get on the water, it makes you keep wanting to go back.”

The sisters are currently training at their Skiing base on the Sunshine Coast, as they prepare for their Junior Worlds appearance.

Ferguson family at the National waterskiing champs.
Sade and Molly Ferguson, with another competitor (centre). Aerial Axis Photography

Fergusons' National champs medal tally


Slalom: Gold

Jump: Silver

Overall: Bronze


Slalom: Gold

Jump: Gold

Overall: Gold