NEW LEADERS: Thomas Schefe, Jayson Theron, Tallara Ries and Kiana Van Der Meulen are Roma State College’s year 12 leaders for 2020.
NEW LEADERS: Thomas Schefe, Jayson Theron, Tallara Ries and Kiana Van Der Meulen are Roma State College’s year 12 leaders for 2020.

Meet RSC’s new school leaders

BUILDING confidence, leaving their mark or being a role model for their fellow peers are among the many experiences Roma's newest school leaders hope to gain from the venture.

Tallara Ries, Thomas Schefe, Jayson Theron and Kiana Van Der Meulen were inducted as the Year 12 school leaders for Roma State College (RSC) on Wednesday, with past student leaders Imogen Newton, Matika Laycock and Colina Grant guest speakers. 

Both students and teachers were involved in voting for who they thought were deserving candidates of the positions after having speeches presented by applicants.

Jayson was inspired to apply to be a school leader after witnessing first-hand his father's leadership in his business and wanting to forge a path for his sibling.

"I like to know that I'm being looked up to and being a role model to younger kids," he said.

"I have a little brother in prep and he looks up to me and says he wants to be a leader as well one day."

Jayson is planning on completing his certificate III in rugby league studies and hopes to continue his passion for the sport after school.

"I'm going stay in town and finish my apprenticeship and see where I go from there. I might travel the world because I can work anywhere with it," he said.

Thomas said the thing he enjoys most about RSC is the fact that their grade is big enough to be able to make a difference but still small enough to make solid connections with his peers.

"Coming through the school and seeing the leaders, the respect for them and seeing the difference they made in the school and I thought I want to be part of that as well," he said.

He is aiming to go to university next year and study a double degree in business and industrial design.

Building confidence in public speaking was the main incentive for Kiana Van Der Meulen in becoming a leader.

"My brother was a school leader a couple of years ago and I've always looked up to him and I think its pretty cool you can do so much when you're a leader," she said.

While she is looking forward to the challenges that come with getting out of her comfort zone, she will continuing her certificate III traineeship in dental assisting and hopes to forge a career in the field after school.

Leaving her mark at RSC is what inspired Tallara Ries to step up and take on the extra responsibility.

"Leaders are who everyone looks up to in school and it's how you make the biggest difference in year 12," she said.

"It's about making a difference and leaving something we can be proud of."

Tallara wants to pursue dual degree in nursing and paramedics after school and is already gaining experience by working once a week at the hospital, studying a certificate III in aged care.

House captains:

Arcadia: Maggie Davis and Mitch Eddie

Balonne: Sophie Gibson and Jessie Maunder

Carnarvon: Taylor Heath and Meg McGrath

Maranoa: Hannah Green and Jade Tetlow

Student Welfare Committee:

Year 12:   Jaimee Balagbis and Charmaine Liston                    

Year 11:   Amy Heath & Tanea Jones-Drennen                                                                    

Year 10:   Annabel Flower and Jessica Rowlings                                   

Year 9:   Stella Palmer

Year 8:    Georgia Pearce and Jorja Taylor

Year 7:    Evie Jacobs and Matt Rowlings 

Student environment committee:

Year 12: Connor Bellenger and Tayla James

Year 11: Chelsea James, Heather Proud, and Lauren Squire

Year 10: Chelsea Gorry and Bethany Liston

Year 9: Jael Halls and Taylah Liston 

Year 8:  Orry McLeod

Year 7:  Izzy Stapleton  and Sophie Shaw 

Student activities committee:

Year 12: House captains

Year 11: Madelyn Jukes and Brock Westbrook

Year 9:  Brody Patterson

Year 8:  Aimee Dean and Ryly Zoellner

Year 7:  Riley Lucht and Ebony Lewington 

Senior Project Committee:

Lauren Campbell

Shanara Campbell

Eve Munro