Scott Sargood has been an advocate against the vegetation management laws.
Scott Sargood has been an advocate against the vegetation management laws.

‘Mulga Man’ lives on through Memorial Award at USQ

FAMILY and friends of Scott Sargood, also known as the “Mulga Man”, are humbled to announce a memorial award and endowment fund has been set up in his name at the University of Southern Queensland.

The award is for the top student in the Environment Studies unit at USQ, with the inaugural winner announced at the Southern Queensland Landscapes AGM meeting on Wednesday, December 2.

A healthy environment, and a healthy farm go hand-in-hand, and Scotty knew this more than anyone.

If someone came to Scott and said he was wrong, all he simply did was go looking for the truth.

If the facts were against him, he was the first to acknowledge that he had it wrong.

Scott was an advocate for rural Australia like no other.

There was never a question as to where his heart was.

When it came down to it, it was never about one side or another for Scott, it was always about what was right.

Scott became known as the “Mulga Man” for his dedication and fight to save western Queensland’s Mulga Lands.

When the state government turned up with cherry picked figures, painting graziers as environmental vandals, he was the first to turn around and call for the truth.

He knew that Queensland’s environment was far too complex and variable for a blanket law to be brought in to so-called ‘save the trees’.

Graziers with the Mulga tree know better than anyone how important it is.

Without it, much of the Mulga Lands would be unviable in drought years; a fact yet to be acknowledged by many.

Some would ask why the Mulga Man would want to be linked to scientific studies, when he seemingly spent his time advocating against it.

Nothing is further from the truth. He never had a problem with good science, but he sure did have a problem with ‘science’ that was lazy, politicised, twisted and cherrypicked to fit an agenda.

Farmers are the true environmentalists, and they’re the best placed to be.

We hope this award and fund, are an opportunity for farmers and scientists to work hand-in-hand into the future, in pursuit of sound science, and sound policy.

We thank USQ for this opportunity, and look forward to what the future may bring for environmental and rangeland sciences, in an effort of continual improvement of the Southern Queensland Landscapes.


Family and friends of the late Mulga Man