Jenny and Roger Underwood at the Roma Saleyards.
Jenny and Roger Underwood at the Roma Saleyards. Contributed

Outstanding price for quality charity cattle

LIVING thousands of kilometres away on a property near Wallumbilla didn't stop Roger and Jenny Underwood from helping fellow graziers in the natural disaster zone in North Queensland.

The couple donated $12,000 to the Queensland Country Women's Association's Public Rural Crisis Fund after holding a charity sale at the Roma Saleyards.

The Underwoods were blown away on Tuesday morning when two of their cows sold for $3000 each.

After moving to Pine Hills, Wallumbilla, three years ago from North Queensland, the couple wanted a way they could directly help friends who had been affected by the severe flooding.

"We were getting some cattle ready to go into the sale and thought we should be able to try and help the people we know,” Mrs Underwood said.

"We had decided already to put in a personal donation to match whatever value the cows made and then they sold at $3000 each.

"The lady who bought the cattle, Anne Webber lives in Longreach, but her family originally comes from up north so she understands what they are going through.

"Through the power of Facebook she saw our post that we were selling them and donating the money and said she was going to buy them.”

The Underwoods chose to send their significant donation to QCWA because they give 100 per cent of the money to a recipient.

"I am a member of the QCWA in Wallumbilla and both my mother and grandmother were members,” Mrs Underwood said.

"The main reason this group was chosen was because any group who is suffering hardship, particularly in rural communities, they aim to help the community as a whole and the best thing about them is they don't keep any money for administration.

"If we can encourage other people to donate then everyone everywhere will get some form of help,” Mr Underwood said.

QCWA Public Rural Crisis Fund cows.
SELLING BIG: Jenny and Roger Underwood sold these two cows for $3000 to donate to the QCWA Public Rural Crisis Fund. Contributed

On the day of the sale the Underwood's selling agent, Landmark, didn't charge any commission fees and the Roma Saleyards waived its fees too.

"There was another beef producer, Rob Brown, who put up two heifers for sale from Dalmalley. He saw what we were doing and contacted us and said he would like to do the same - he sold them for just under $1800,” Mr Underwood said.

"Every little bit helps and the fact Rob decided to do it off his own back, we were really impressed.”