Ben Ridge is running an eight week challenge.
Ben Ridge is running an eight week challenge.

Plenty to lose, even more to gain in this 8-week challenge

A LOT can happen over the course of eight weeks and when there’s $1500 in prizemoney up for grabs, Ben Ridge imagines he’ll watch plenty of fat get shed, muscle get built and fitness levels improve.

Ridgey Didge Fitness will next week launch its third eight-week challenge, open for anyone looking to start their year on the right foot, no matter the goal.

“Everyone wants to kick their year off on the right foot and make good on their new year’s resolutions, so a challenge is a great way to keep yourself accountable,” Mr Ridge said.

With $1000 going to the overall winner, Mr Ridge will this year downsize class sizes, open up more classes and incentivise further, with $250 in winnings for two runners-up.

“I’m looking to beat our result from last year, where I think we got about 100kg of fat loss from the entire group,” he said.

“I’m going to combine the men and women this year, in the past they’ve been separate competitions but looking at the stats there hasn’t been much difference. On average, the women have lost more than the men.

“So we’re just going for one winner. The win will be based on total fat loss in kilos, body fat percentage and hopefully a bit of muscle gain.”

The secret to success is one shared between the gym and food, with Mr Ridge bringing past winner and dietitian Rhiannon Stone on board.

“You can train as hard as you want but if you’re not fuelling your body with the right things, you’re pushing s--- uphill,” he said.

“She’s a pre-champion herself and has helped out the couple who won last year. It’s a big year to have her on board and I think people should invest in her.”

If you’re interested in joining the challenge, find Ridgey Didge Fitness on Facebook or go to www.