LOOKING THE PART: Fitted out in Tigress gear, Tabitha Thomas and Luisa Beedsley are ready for a workout.
LOOKING THE PART: Fitted out in Tigress gear, Tabitha Thomas and Luisa Beedsley are ready for a workout. Ellen Ransley

PT roars ahead with activewear label

TABITHA Thomas had just started her career as a personal trainer five years ago when she started to overhear locker room talk.

The problem? Women who felt uncomfortable in their activewear, leaving them uninspired to work out.

Tabitha's solution? Creating her own activewear label - a dream that was finally realised when she launched her first products last month.

The Tigress brand is her "brain baby”, born of a love of fitness and a desire to create clothes that woman of all shapes and sizes would feel comfortable working out in.

"I first started thinking about it five years ago when I started in the industry,” Ms Thomas said.

"I just couldn't find any- thing I really loved wearing that fitted well and was good quality, but it was all a bit of a pipe dream back then.”

At 23 years old, Tabitha is a qualified PT who trains clients from the same home gym/studio where she has spent years creating her designs.

"At the start of last year I found this company that did activewear ... we went from there,” she said.

"It's taken a year to get these first products out. It's a basic collection as a taste for everyone, but I have funky ideas in mind.”

Tabitha admits she has faced many hurdles and cried many tears, but says the project excites her every day.

"It's my dream. It might just be me by myself in my house doing it at the moment, but ... that's how Lorna Jane started,” she said.

"I have been told by people in the industry that what I'm doing is really little, and there are competitors with more money and people power compared to my tiny business, but everyone needs a start.

"A big drive is waiting for the day I see someone I don't know wearing my clothes on the street.”

Tabitha attributes her success to the strong support system around her.

"I draw inspiration from the powerful women around me. I may be doing a lot of this by myself, but it does take a village,” she said.