BETTING ON IT: Lauren Betts clinched third place.
BETTING ON IT: Lauren Betts clinched third place. Joshua Macree

Rider clicks into gear

MOTOCROSS: Lauren Betts is taking motocross riding in the Maranoa to a new level, with an exciting third place finish in the 12-16 85cc mini-lights class at the Queensland Women's Titles at Emerald.

Lauren threw herself into an intense training period prior to the event, often rising at 5am three days a week so she could train.

"You never get used to the early starts. It's always a struggle to get out of bed,” she laughed.

"There was also a lot of training and gym work that goes into it but you have to realise you need to work hard enough if you want to get where you're trying to go.”

Lauren said she would like to see a greater representation of female riders in a sport that is mostly male dominated.

"While there are a lot of kids that participate, there's not too many girls - which kind of upsets me,” she said.

"Boys will often think it's their event and while boys can do it, so can us girls.”

On the track, the riding is fiercely competitive, according to Lauren.

"We're all good mates off the track but once you get on the track, you put it all behind you,” she said.

"At the end of the race though, we all wait until everyone's finished to congratulate each other.”

Lauren hopes to see where her motocross skills take her with recent results proving she has a bright future in the sport.

"I want to compete all the way through the the last class being the opens,” she said.

Lauren also snatched a fifth place in the 13-16s 250cc class capping off a fantastic result for the local rider.