‘Role models’: Head of campus praises graduating cohort

IT WAS a day that 51 Roma State College graduates will remember for the rest of their lives, after being able to celebrate their 13 years of education in style at their formal.

Held at the Explorers Inn Convention Centre on September 19, students rocked up in flashy vehicles such as a 1927 Chev Tourer, a show ute with hot purple aerials, and even a horse and buggy!

Head of Senior Campus Kate van der Meulen said this cohort has shown incredible strength and maturity as they adapt to the brave new worlds of ATAR and COVID-19.

“It was really lovely to see all the students arrive and to have the opportunity to be able to enjoy the celebration together as a cohort group,” Mrs van der Meulen said.

“We were very appreciative that we could still have the formal.”

While COVID restrictions meant there had to be some changes to formal this time around, the school made every effort to allow parents and citizens to watch by allowing mums, dads and close family to sit out the front of the convention centre, and livestreaming the arrivals.

“We still tried to include the parents as much as we could, through the streaming of the arrivals,” she said.

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This cohort was also the first to go through the new ATAR ranking system, which replaces the OP.

Mrs van der Meulen said one of the biggest challenges with the new system is the external exams which students are preparing to take next term.

“For all staff members that are present on a night like that, it does make you think about your own memories from your formal and graduation,” Mrs van der Meulen said.

“They are a really positive group of students, they really build each other up and work together as a big team.

“They are literally role models of our school and something they should all be proud of.”

Graduating students (in order of arrival):

  • Shanara Campbell and Lauren Campbell
  • Mitch Eddie and Hannah Green
  • Bec Patch
  • Jaimee Balagbis and Casey Chambers
  • Radrisse Irakoze, Georgie Phillips and Jade Crabb
  • Maggie Davis and Thomas Schefe
  • Jorden McColley and Maggie Frizzell
  • Faith Welk
  • Gracie Haddock and Rian Lav
  • Jade Tetlow
  • Haley Maquet and Tabitha San Andres
  • Matt Blair and Laurel Richards
  • Charmaine Liston and Jared Cook
  • Connor Bellenger and Cody Hicks
  • Caitlin Thompson
  • Jake Klein
  • Meg McGrath and Blayze Blake
  • Sophie Gibson and Maka Rudd
  • Kiana van der Meulen and Jessie Maunder
  • Eve Munro and Matt Humphreys
  • Ash Tate and Chloe Monagle
  • Courtney Day
  • Taezmin Thornton
  • Sherri Thompson
  • Wade Barrett and Max Whittaker
  • Jayson Theron, Matt Yarrow, Morgan Richardson and Michael Walsh
  • Tallara Ries, Jemma Jones and Taylor Heath
  • Jonathan Kutsime