NEW LOOK: Roma courthouse upgrades
NEW LOOK: Roma courthouse upgrades

Roma courthouse receiving much needed upgrades

THE ROMA Court House is in the process of receiving some much needed upgrades.

Registrar for Roma Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts Debbie Gilby said Roma residents were quick to complain about the courthouse grounds on the Roma community discussion Facebook page without knowing what was going on behind the scenes.

“When we had that rain in February, the grass was really high and knee deep, and there was community backlash on Facebook with so many negative comments from people that they were disgusted in the state of the grounds,” she said.

“We were attacked on Facebook saying it was the worst the grounds have ever looked, but what the community didn’t know was that we were working on things behind the scenes and also in discussion with council because we didn’t have the answer to who owned the corner land yet.”

Ms Gilby said despite the courthouse having mowed the lawn for years, they discovered majority of it was actually owned by the Council.

“They know it is their responsibility now to maintain it and we have been working with them and put in some boundary markings so we know who owns what,” she said.

Ms Gilby who has been applying for funding since she commenced her position as Registrar in January 2018 say she was elated when it was finally approved.

“It’s been in the works for quite a while, I got quotes early last year but there was never any money,” she said.

“So I put in another application at the end of the year and it got approved.

“I was ecstatic because looking at the courthouse right now is an eyesore.”

The upgrades include a new bottle tree and new turf laid at the front, garden beds at the front and to the office side and laying concrete at the entrance of the court.

“It’s looking amazing and so much tidier now,” Ms Gilby said.

“There’s new seating being installed around the large bottle tree, and also around the court entry side.

“We’ve had sprinkler systems put in and fencing will be installed which will barrier off the driveway.

Ms Gilby would like to acknowledge Tony Woodgate Concreting Fencing & Sheds and Frank Saunders from Aquazon Plumbing for all their hard work.

The upgrades are expected to be completed by next week.

The new bottle tree.
The new bottle tree.

Roma courthouse upgrades
Roma courthouse upgrades