HELPING HAND: Lachlan, George, Brooke and Thomas Dunsdon are a part of the RFDS Roma Woolworth's campaign.
HELPING HAND: Lachlan, George, Brooke and Thomas Dunsdon are a part of the RFDS Roma Woolworth's campaign. Sarah Dionysius

Roma family the face of Woolies RFDS campaign

A ROMA family has become the face of a Woolworths campaign to provide support for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Brooke and Lachlan Dunsdon needed help from the RFDS three times in the past two years for their young sons.

On one occasion, their seven-week-old baby, Thomas, was trying and failing to suck enough air into his badly infected lungs and needed help from intensive care urgently.

The Dunsdons feared their baby's little body might not have the strength to survive the eight-hour drive so they were overwhelmed when doctors at the Roma hospital called for the Flying Doctor.

Mrs Dunsdon said she would never forget the moment the RFDS aeromedical team arrived.

"It was the first time I felt safe in four days,” she said.

"Watching them hook Thomas up to their monitors and high-tech ventilators, I knew that my baby was in the best possible hands.”

Mrs Dunsdon and baby Thomas were flown to Brisbane and rushed to the paediatric intensive care unit, where he was treated for a severe, life-threatening viral lung infection.

Thanks to the quick response and expert care in hospital, Thomas was ready to go home five days later.

Mr Dunsdon said becoming the face of the campaign was the least they could do to give back to the RFDS.

"They asked us if we would like to be a part of the campaign and we said for sure, as it was something we could do to repay them for what they've done for us,” he said.

"Rural Australia really relies on their service and we've been lucky enough to use it three times.”

The RFDS is calling upon the local community to support the two-week Woolworths fundraising campaign, to help the Flying Doctor continue assisting local families.

"The Flying Doctor is a great service and they rely on corporate sponsors like Woolworths so by supporting Woolies you're helping the RFDS,” Mr Dunsdon said.

Until this Sunday, May 14, customers are able to purchase a $2 wall token from Roma Woolworths, with proceeds going towards helping the RFDS deliver the finest care to people all over Queensland, just like little Thomas Dunsdon.

In the first day of sales Roma Woolworths had already sold 252 tokens and were ranked 11 across the 244 participating stores throughout Queensland and northern NSW.