Louie John Lasserre.
Louie John Lasserre.

Roma father chases man at Westlands Plaza with a spanner

A ROMA father who has previously been sentenced to prison, ran through Westlands Plaza in the morning with a spanner attempting to attack another man after he made comments about his partner.

The Roma Magistrates Court heard at 11.30am on October 19, a group of people walking through the plaza saw Louis John Lasserre yell and run past with a large spanner in his hand.

Police prosecutor sergeant David Longhurst said the defendant was acting in a threatening nature.

The defendant’s lawyer, Laurie Parker claimed the victim had previously insulted his client and threatened his wife and children.

Sergeant Longhurst labelled Lasserre’s actions as “concerning”.

“It’s a serious offence, while he was not charged with going armed to cause fear, it’s a serious public nuisance offence,” he said.

“Noting his history, he’s committed public nuisance before and received probation before then breached that and was sentenced to prison.

“He has a concerning history, it was a concerning act and fines may not be appropriate because of his history.”

The prosecutor requested that Lasserre receive community-based orders.

Mr Parker agreed that his client could undergo community service as he’s currently unemployed with a partner and two-year-old child.

Lasserre pleaded guilty to one count of public nuisance.

Magistrate Peter Saggers ordered Lasserre to perform 60 hours of unpaid community service and the conviction was recorded.

“It’s a serious thing to do and take a shifter at 11.30am into the plaza,” he said.

“The consequences could have been far worst.

“What if the guy had a go at you, you could have been here for something far worse than public nuisance.”