Jackpot winner Natalie Wilson and Royal on 99 owner Justin Garvie.
Jackpot winner Natalie Wilson and Royal on 99 owner Justin Garvie. Ellen Ransley

Roma woman 'sticks with gut', wins $8K

IT WAS a one-in-3000 chance her ticket would be called out for a chance at the Royal on 99's $8900 Jackpot, and after a slew of unsuccessful attempts at then picking the winning card, the pressure was high for Amanda Wilson.

About ten names were called out before her on Friday night, but all failed to pick the right card off the wall. With only two left to choose from, Ms Wilson sought consult from her daughter.

"The one I actually picked she said to pick that one, but then she changed her mind and said go with the other,” Ms Wilson said.

"But I stuck with my gut, and I'm pretty happy to have won.”

A regular at the Friday night junior rugby league raffle, Royal on 99 owner Justin Garvie said he couldn't think of a more deserving winner.

"She's here every Friday night and supports rugby league. She has a young fella playing with the Red Bulls,” Mr Garvie said.

"We've been running this tradition for over 30 years. We've had to make some tweaks to the way the raffle runs, but tonight was all about going to the jackpot.

"The jackpot had to go off, and I'm happy Amanda has won.”

Mr Garvie said he wished to thank everyone who supported the raffle, and junior rugby league in turn.

"They sold 3000 tickets, which would be close to a record,” he said.

"We have always been big supporters of junior rugby league, but for them to sell that many tickets tonight is unreal.”