Patrons attend the Roma pool.
Patrons attend the Roma pool. Rory Hession

Signs of ageing throw doubt on future of Roma pool

BASED on a maintenance report presented at last week's meeting, Maranoa Regional Council is looking at future options, in consultation with the community, for a new pool complex in Roma.

Significantly, a motion was carried in the council meeting last week to not proceed with the refurbishment of the pool's changeroom facilities.

Councillor Cameron O'Neil said the council was assessing its options following the release of a report indicating the Denise Spencer Pool was showing signs of ageing.

"If we need to do significant works to the current location it means the pool could be shut between six to 12 months,” he said.

"When we started talking about this, we said let's make sure that this is the absolute right location for the next generation of pool users in Roma.

"To do that, we need to undertake a feasibility study to see whether there are other options.

"Council is certainly not settled on anything. It's about making sure you do your due diligence on what might be the most feasible option in terms of economics, but in terms of future use for the community as well.”