Balonne Shire Council
Balonne Shire Council

St George pushed back to level one water restrictions

Welcome rain in the Balonne River catchment has prompted the easing of water restrictions in St George, and the town will move to Level One (Summer) restrictions on Saturday, January 16.

St George has been on Level Three water restrictions since December 28, when water levels in the Beardmore Dam were low and predicted inflows were unlikely to replenish supply.

From Saturday, the Level One (Summer) water restrictions will apply to all households, businesses, schools, caravan parks and council facilities.

An updated schedule will be made available to residents via council’s website, and will also be posted to residents.

While the recent inflows have allowed council to ease restrictions, Mayor Samantha O’Toole has reminded residents that it does not mean anyone should be using water to excess.

“Restrictions are in place to help everyone in St George preserve our water resources, which we know are not infinite,” she said.

“I do ask that residents stick to water restrictions first and foremost, and also avoid becoming

complacent about water use.

“Consider a sensible use of water – just because we allow eight hours to water our gardens every second day, does not mean we need to run our sprinklers for that entire eight hours.”

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