CLOSE FAMILY: Stacey and her family on a cruise.
CLOSE FAMILY: Stacey and her family on a cruise. Contributed

Stacey's inspirational battle with cancer and the community response

OUT of the cruel and destructive stranglehold of cancer, one Roma resident has born a tale of inspiration and generosity.

Two years ago Stacey Ferguson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma cancer, an aggressive disease which forced Ms Ferguson, her partner and her three children to relocate to Brisbane and put their lives on hold.

Since 2015 Ms Ferguson has been admitted at Princess Alexandra Hospital and has undergone a range of procedures from skin grafts to radiation therapy.

Despite mounting bills, a partner out of work and three kids to feed, Ms Ferguson was determined to fight the battle on her own and, at this point, her sister Kristy Ferguson, friends and family stepped in.

"She called me the day after she had seen the doctor in tears to tell me the cancer had moved into her right eye and they would have to remove it,” she said.

"Stacey was also denied disability benefits through Centrelink as she had to prove she could never work again and, after this, I decided to set up the GoFundMe page.”

The GoFundMe page with a monetary goal of $7000 was set up to help cover Stacey's costs but Kristy said even this was a difficult decision.

"Stacey is an extremely strong person, she will physically go out of her way to help people and she didn't like the idea of anyone helping her,” she said.

"We had a few friends that had done similar things before and she was adamant she wouldn't receive any handouts.

"It was very hard, I didn't want her to feel like she was greedy when she wasn't, but when she called me crying that she literally had $200 left in her bank account

we decided it was worth


In the first two day after the GoFundMe page was set up, more than $2500 was donated, a response that shocked the Fergusons.

"We're a close family, especially me and Stacey but the response from friends, family and our community has been amazing,” she


"Stacey was on the phone to me crying, she couldn't believe people could be so nice and generous.

If you would like to help Stacey's battle, visit journey-help.